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Expert Witness - Darelle Janse van Rensburg


PhD in Corrosion at Wits University

Topic:  Atmospheric Corrosion Profiling of South Africa and Selected Sites in the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Area.

Degrees Obtained :

MSc (1997)

B.Sc. Honours (1988)

B.Sc. (1986)

PHD (Jan, 2019)

Diploma Obtained :

National Higher Teaching Diploma – Science and Biology (1987)


Certificates obtained :

Eskom - Communication about Performance (1991)

Eskom - Operation Awareness (Wilge) (1991)

SAPMA Paint Technology Course (Module 1) (1991)

South African Corrosion Institute - Back to Basics (1991)

Investment in Excellence (1991)

SAPMA Paint Technology Course (Module 3) (1992)

DRS - Legal Training for Appointed Responsible Persons (2005)


- Qualifier for the Masemanyane/Top 100 products awards – 1997 - Runner-up for the Eskom Manager’s Awards – 1997.



- Fellow Member of the Corrosion Institute of Southern

  Africa since 2002 and Full Member since 1993

- Member of the South African Quality Committee for

  Corrosion (SAQCC).

- Member of the Oil and Colour Chemists Association (OCCA)

- Member of the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)

- Member of the National Steering Committee for Paint

   and Varnishes (SABS) (1997)

- 2nd Vice President of the Corrosion Institute of South

  Africa (2005 and 2006)

- 1st Vice President of the Corrosion Institute of South

  Africa (2007 to 2008)

- Judge (Adjudicator) for the Hot Dip Galvanizers Awards

  (2005 to 2013), presented by the Hot Dip Galvanizers

  Association of Southern Africa.


- Southeys (Sishen – Conveyors)

- Remkor – Sere Wind Farm

- Eskom Distribution (Carltonville Mini Sub-stations)

- Eskom Generation (Majuba Power Station clarifiers)

- Geo Nowers – Private house in East London

- Rio Tinto (QMM Madagascar plant)

- Sandblasting and Coatings (SC) (Mozambique) LTA (Total Terminal - Da Matola in Mozambique)

- Stoncor (Accuracy of batch certificates)

- Tubular Holdings (Kusile ACC ducting)

-Turnmill Proquip - Mozal plant ducting in Mozambique

- Zenodict (Kusile ACC bundles)


Performance testing of materials (laboratory and real-world), corrosion monitoring of environments, corrosion/coating failure investigations, expert witness, research (corrosion and coatings), plant assessments, corrosion protection specifications.


Eskom Distribution – Numerous projects

Eskom Enterprises – Several projects

Eskom Generation – Numerous projects related to Matla, Kriel, Lethabo, Matimba, Majuba, Komati, Grootvlei, Camden, Kendal, Duvha, Hendrina, Arnot, Tutuka, Koeberg, Palmiet, ACTOM – Wind farm mini-subs

BBS Projects – Wallpaper ink, etc.

Cottonwood Lane body Corporate – Cottonwood Lane Complex

Custom Linings – SNIM Mauritania rail wagons

Drakensberg and Port Rex power stations

Eskom Rosherville (TSI/ERID) – Numerous projects

Eskom Transmission – Numerous projects

Hair Health and Beauty – Container shops

Hatch – QMM Madagascar plant

ICE – ELB radiators

Inspect-a-home – Jackal Creek Golf Estate

M & S Corrosion Control – Natref tanks

Metpar - Aluminium zinc roof sheeting

Metpar – Powder coating

Powertech – SAPREF Mondi and Mobeni transformers

Quality services – Shiploader (Port Elizabeth Harbour)

Rod Rankine – Value City roof

SA Thala Roadmarking – Community Paints

SABMiller - Okahandja Brewery (Namibia)

Sandblasting and Coatings (D.R.C) SPRL

Tubular Holdings - Kusile ACC ducting

Turnmill Proquip – Mufulira Smelter (Zambia)

Zenodict - Kusile ACC bundles

QIT Madagascar Minerals (QMM)


2015 – Coatings for Africa Conference – "Recoatable epoxy coating" – The importance of thorough (impartial) testing of coatings for specific conditions/applications.

2015 – Coatings for Africa Conference – Atmospheric corrosion profiling of the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Area.

2014 – AfriCorr Conference – Presenter – Corrosion profiling of the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan area – The start of a new corrosion map.

2010 - 2016 - Lecturer – Corrosion Engineering Course presented by the Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa (Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 6).

2011 - Presenter – Paint types, performance testing and specifications. Corrosion Protection and Maintenance Conference (10 and 11 November 2011) in Johannesburg.

2010 - Presenter – Accelerated versus natural exposure testing. Corrosion Investigation and Mitigation Conference 2007.

2008 - Guest Writer – Hot Dip Galvanizers Today.

2006 - Presenter and Publication - Solvent free coatings. 8th International Corrosion Conference – Johannesburg.

2006 - Presenter and Publication - Refurbishment of clarifiers – Quality control. 8th International Corrosion Conference – Johannesburg.

2004 - Co-author of Chapter 6 – Corrosion and corrosion protection. In: The fundamentals and practice of overhead line maintenance – 132kV and above. Published March 2004 by

            Crown Publications cc. (An international recognized handbook prepared by a staff of experts from Eskom Holdings Ltd). ISBN NO. 0-620-30906-7.

2003 - Presenter and Publication- CVI corrosion and coating inspection techniques. 7th International Corrosion Conference – Johannesburg.

2003 - Presenter – Eskom’s 20-year paint exposure programme – 1974 to 2003. Technical presentation at the Corrosion Institute of Southern  Africa.

2002 - Presenter – Protective coatings research. TTW Presentation.

1999 - Presenter and Publication - Organic Coatings and linings for demineralization and Feedwater/Condensate polishing plants. 14th International Corrosion Congress - 1999

            (Cape Town, South Africa).

1998 to 2004 - Lecturer - Refurbishment of steel power line structures (Various Eskom workshops).

1998 - Presenter - The role of coatings in corrosion protection. Applitech ’98 Conference in Johannesburg. AMEU Affiliates. 1998 - Presenter - Aquacultural use of heated effluents

            from coal-fired power stations. Kriel Power station.

1997 - Presenter and Publication - Corrosion protection of power generation plant – Future directions. EPRI/VGB/Eskom International conference on process water treatment and

            power plant chemistry.

1997 - Presenter - Protective systems – Future directions from a user’s point of view. Corrosion Institute of Southern Africa – Coating Seminar.

1997 - Presenter - Aquacultural use of heated effluents from coal-fired power stations. Zoology Department (RAU).

1997 - Guest Lecturer - Corrosion protection of cooling water systems. Technicon Pretoria – 1997.

1993 to 1994 - Lecturer - Eskom Corrosion Workshop – Quality control inspections during the application of coatings.





25 Years of Excellence
Contact us:  +27 11 472 7123
Johannesburg, South Africa