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Qualified NACE Third Party Inspectors

We are able provide enhanced quality assurance and corrosion monitoring for our clients. Our qualified coating inspectors' scope of work includes the following:

-  Monitoring and reporting of the batch certificates, shelf life, expiry dates, conditions,

   handling and storage of paints, blast grit, solvents and surface cleaning agents used by the      Coating Applicator

- Monitoring and reporting of all important meteorological and environmental site conditions,

   namely industrial fall-out (pollution), dry bulb (ambient), wet bulb, dew point and surface

   temperatures, wind (speed and direction), rainfall figures and % relative humidity on a twice    daily (as a minimum) basis.

- Monitoring, reporting and witnessing of the surface cleaning, inspection, application and      

   repair work done by the Coating Applicator.

- Monitoring and reporting of the condition of the compressors, hosing, blasting pots, filters,

   spray pumps and guns, as well as other equipment used by the Coating Applicator.

- Monitoring and calibration of all test equipment used for the quality control inspection of

   the paint work (including that of the Coating Applicator)

- Measuring and reporting of the levels of salt contamination before and during the coating


-  Measuring and reporting of the degree of surface cleanliness of the steel surfaces prior to

   coating application.

-  Measuring and reporting of the degree of dust and debris on the steel surfaces prior to

   coating application.

-  Measuring and reporting of the blast profiles of the steel surfaces after abrasive blast-


- Reframing from any verbal or physical abuse (altercation) of any public person or law

   enforcement, Orytech and our client's staff, that may put Orytech in disrepute.

-  Measuring and reporting of the wet film thicknesses of the different layers of the coating


-  Measuring and reporting of the dry film thicknesses of the different layers of the coating

   systems (including of the stripe coats).

-  Inspection, monitoring and reporting of any coating repairs carried out by the Coating


-  Performing cure and adhesion testing of the coated surfaces (where required)

-  Inspection, monitoring and reporting of the holiday detection of the pontoons, following

   coating application.

-  Witnessing, monitoring and inspection of the various reference areas to be established in the


- Inspection, cleaning and safe-guarding of all Orytech’s and the Consultants’ office, safety,

  environmental and quality inspection equipment and documentation. This includes the proper

  use and safe-guarding of  vehicles, equipment and property that may be made available for

   use by the Consultant.

- Daily measuring, labelling, photographing, sampling and reporting of original painted

  (corroded) surfaces, prior to refurbishment.

- Sampling and forwarding to Orytech in Johannesburg the different mixed batches of paint, in

  the form of coated steel coupons.

- Attending meetings and training sessions (where applicable) on Orytech’s behalf.

- Acting at all times in a professional manner as a representative of Orytech.

- Adhering to all safety, health, environmental and professional work ethics policies.

- Safe-guarding of any Orytech’s and our client's privileged and/or confidential information and






25 Years of Excellence
Contact us:  +27 11 472 7123
Johannesburg, South Africa